The Study of Marketing Performance of Small Vendors in Thanjavur Dist

  • D.Anand, Dr.N.Santhose kumar


Appling EM dimension in small vendor marketing performances,  Morris, Schindehutte, LaForge (2002) has given seven core dimensions of entrepreneurial marketing, which is considered as base theme of this study, such as, innovativeness, calculated risk-taking, opportunity focus, resource leveraging, costumer intensity, and value creation. The present study pursues to assess the impact EM dimension on marketing performance of small vendors in ThanjavurDist.. Seven dimensions model explains 35 percent variance in marketing performance of small vendors in Thanjavur dist.

Keywords- Opportunity focus, Innovativeness, Risk-taking, Dimension, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Measured Structural Equation Modeling,