Cultural Impact of Television serials on Slum women

  • D.F. Mettilda Rajakumari


Television is one of the most important and reliable means of communication. It is a medium for everybody whether a person is old or young. They greatly influence the thinking style, lifestyle, physiological changes of a person.Nowadays, Television has become an inseparable part of all of our life. Slum dwellers are also having the habit of watching Television as their entertainment. Slums are heavily populated urban areas characterized by substandard housing, inadequate access to clean water and sanitation, and a constantly changing residential population. Women who are dwelling in slum are illiterates and they don’t have knowledge about empowerment. They have to struggle to feed their family and also for their protection. According to Anderson and Meyer’s Social Action Theory, the effects of the media are depending on the intentions of the programme producer as well as the receiver’s possible identification and interpretation.In this study the researcher wants to explore the impacts of the television among the women dwelling in slum area and empowering the slum women can be possible by Television programmes. The data were properly collected through scheduled interviews and analysed with the application of statistical tools and result were analysed socially.

Keywords: Slum dwellers, Social Action Theory, Empowerment