The Study of Employees Satisfaction Level in Banking Sector (with Special Reference to Gorakhpur Region)

  • Pooja Vishwakarma, Dr. Kahkashan Khan


Banks are the foundation of any nation and accordingly, their commitment to the country ought to be the fullest. Job satisfaction is one of the most broadly talked about and eagerly considered develops in related disciplines, for example, Workforce Management, Human Resources Management, Organizational Management, Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and Organizational Behaviour. Satisfaction is the positive or negative feeling with which the employees complete his/her work. It communicates the measure of understanding between one's desire from their job and what they get actually. Therefore, Job Satisfaction is the consequence of different mentalities controlled by an employee. These mentalities are identified with the activity under the condition with such explicit factors, for example, salary, bosses of business, working condition, the social connection at work, brief settlement of complaints or grievances and reasonable treatment by the manager.

The Banking sector in India has consistently been one of the most favoured goals for employment. Nowadays, the banking area has developed as a dawn part of the Indian economy. It is frequently said that 'A Happy Employee is a Productive Employee.' This study will attempt to inspect concerning what degree job satisfaction has lead to great working execution and the elements which impact employee's job satisfaction.

Keywords:  Job Satisfaction, Banking Sector, Public and Private sector, Employees.