Tracing the Factors Responsible for Abandonment of NRI Brides: A Study of Punjab

  • Jyoti Bala, P. Durga Rao


Marriage was a sacramental ritual a few decades back but presently matrimonial disputes are common especially in Non-Resident Indian (NRI) marriages. Women are deceived in NRI marriages and are being left, so abandonment of women is a prime issue. Therefore, an  exploratory study  on  NRI abandoned brides was conducted in all six  districts of  Punjab covering all three cultural zones of Doaba, Malwa and Majha. A sample of 180 abandoned brides of NRI grooms was covered under this study. The present study is attempt to investigate the factors responsible for abandonment of brides. It is found that  nearly half of the grooms (50 per cent) of their families are directly demanded dowry. It is also observed that 38 per cent of NRI grooms are in extra marital affairs. It is evident that about 42 per cent of NRI marriages are not successful due to illiteracy of grooms and lack of proper information to brides’ parents on groom’s background. It is found that the Government is providing so many preventive, reformative, disciplinary measures to address this burning issue and offering support to victims.

 Keywords:  Abandonment, Bride, Dowry, Marriage, Remedial.