Child Labourers and Willingness to Improve Their Social Status

  • Mrs. Garima, Dr. P. Durga Rao


The dream and aim in life to achieve something in life is not confined to a particular section of society. It is an innate element which also regulates the behavior of a person. In this research the child labourers from different professions were interviewed about their expectation from themselves and from their life. The responses were not extraordinary. The child labourers had expectations like a normal human being. They wanted to become rich, educated, have luxuries etcetera. They were shackled in labour but wanted to become free to live. So the outcome of this research is that the feelings and dreams of a child labourer are as normal as of a normal child. But unfortunately they are not born with the freedom of choice. If they ever get a chance to get the facilities they may excel in studies and other things. At the same time while living in unfavorable conditions they still have passion and desire to achieve something good in their lives. These child labourers are optimistic in the real sense.

Keywords: Child labour, Improvement of social status.