Impact of Bounciness on Performance of Masculine and Feminine Athletes in Sports

  • Khanna N.B.


Introduction- Resilience is a necessary mental skill that can help an athlete cope with obstacles in sports. The development of resilience will support the player to perform good in the face of trouble. An elastic player is thatwho is capable to overcome setbacks, maintain confidence, and concentrate on the present [Solomon & Becker, 2004]. Overcoming adversity, bouncing and bounce back - all these phrases have been used previously and are still used. in coaching and psychology in close connection with Resilience. Resilience is a process that is created by a person over time using situations and scenarios that lead him to overcome difficulties, developing management strategies to cope with these situations and become stronger. mentally. When a person encounters such situations, he offers them the opportunity to build their self-esteem and determination (Richardson, 2002).Objectives- To find the difference of Resilienceamong male and female team players. Methods- male team players (n=100) and female team players (n=100) aged 19-25 from interuniversity tournament. SPSS used analyzed the questionnaires. The players were selected for the study who have represented their university. This research was set within an interpretative paradigm with psychological strands which is Resilience .Thisresearch found that there is significant difference between female and male team players about their Resilience The study suggests that supporting the development of Resilience in male, through access to physical events and motivational programme that challenge gendered preparations and sponsor agency.

Keywords: Resilience, Gender discrimination, Stereotype, Sports.