Knowledge Attitude and Practice about Nutrition among Diabetic Patients –A Research Study

  • Dr. K.N.Varalakshmi, Chanakya Chalasani


The Knowledge, behaviour and compliance of the diabetes patients visiting the rural and urban area of Vijayawada were studied by using the questionnaire developed by the researchers. About 152 patients in which 76.31 percent are male and 23.68 percent are female were taken for study. The greatest number of patients were in the age group of 41-60 year and above (80.92%) in rural and urban area. According to observation 65.13 percent were illiterate and unaware about diabetes as compared to urban area. We found that about 10% of diabetics had a diabetic family member but only one third of them knew that diabetes could be a hereditary disease. This study represents a large variation between diabetes related health knowledge, attitude and compliance regarding medicines in rural and urban area of Vijayawada among those who are affected by diabetes. Our results reveal the potential diabetes health literacy needs to be improved or developed for better health promotion.

 Keywords: attitude, behaviour, blood, Diabetes, diet, health, insulin, level, knowledge.