A Review on Solar Water Heater Using Phase Change Materials

  • Dr. Sachin R. Karale, Shrikant A. Thote


The use of solar energy in solar water heater by using a Phase Change Material (PCMs) in storage tank is the effective way of storing the thermal energy.  Within  the  past  decade  uses  of  PCMs  for  heating  and  cooling applications  for  buildings  have  been  investigated.  This paper summarizes the investigation and analysis of thermal energy storage incorporating with PCM for use in solar water heaters. Storing solar energy with the help of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and utilizing this energy to heat water for domestic purposes during the night time. The system consist of two absorbing unit, one of them is solar water heater other a heat storage unit consisting of PCM (paraffin).As this experiment is carried out for getting a hot water in night with help of phase change material. The storage unit consists of small cylinders which are made of aluminum filled with paraffin wax as a heat storage unit. During the day time the solar collector absorb the heat from sun and the water is heated with the help of solar radiation. The heated water transfer it heat to Phase Change Material (PCMs). The phase change material undergoes the phase change by absorbing the latent heat and the excess heat is stored in the form of sensible heat. The water supply in the night is routed to the storage unit using a suitable control device. The heat is recovered from the unit by passing at room temp through it. The storage tower is completely insulated to prevent loss of heat. The efficiency of this system is scrutinized for the solar conditions.

Keywords: Phase Change Material, Solar Energy, Thermal Energy Storage,  Water Heating System.