Almajiranci (Child’s Begging): A Root of Violent Groups’ Members in Northern Nigeria

  • Labbo Abdullahi, Umar Farouk Mohammed


Almajiranci connotes the state of being almajiri(plural almajirai); and almajiri refers to a disciple of the Islamic knowledge. Today , almajiranci has taken a different dimension compared to the original concept behind the practice. Instead of the disciples seek for knowledge; they are conditioned to engage in undesirable acts which mold them into criminality. Consequently, quite a number of almajirai became violent with obvious hate for the larger society. Thus, the phenomenon challenges the security landscape in northern Nigeria. The emergence of such religious violent groups like Maitatsine and Boko Haram are all linked with almajiri phenomenon. This paper exam in es almajiranci as the cradle of violent ‘religious groups’ in northern Nigeria. It discusses the genesis of almajiranci, the plight of almajirai, almajiranci and some religious violent groups; and suggested way forward to improve the circumstances.

Keywords: Almajiranci; Violent Group; and Northern Nigeria.