Gasification Behaviour of Jhama Coal

  • Akanksha Mishra, Shalini Gautam, Tripurari Sharma


Gasification characteristics of Indian Jhama coal in CO2 atmosphere has been investigated in this study. Pulverized Jhama coal was pyrolyzed under nitrogen atmosphere to remove the volatile matter content. Pyrolyzed Jhama coal samples were subjected to gasification at different temperatures (1173 K to 1373 K) for different time intervals (5-50 min). The variable parameters studied were gasification temperature, residence time and flow rate of CO2 gas. Experimental results were analysed by first order kinetic model and shrinking core model. Values of the activation energy for gasification of Jhama coal is in the range of 53.26-59.47 kJ/mol. In addition, Response Surface Methodology (RSM) using 23 full factorial designs has been used to develop empirical model which correlates the Jhama coal gasification with the process variables. Gasification temperature and residence time have been found to have higher effect than flow rate of CO2 gas.

 Keywords: Activation Energy, CO2 gasification, Jhama Coal, Kinetic model, Response Surface Methodology.