A Comparative Study on Job Satisfaction among Employees of 5 selected Service sectors in Nagpur, Maharashtra

  • Prof. Amardip Kurukwar


As the economy is growing rapidly, most of the businesses are handled and operated in the Service sector as compared to the manufacturing sector.  With this the Service sector is offering more job opportunities, and on the other side the manufacturing openings are constant or there is slight increase. Many more people are working in the Service and manufacturing. Here comes the important aspect for which the management is always concerned; that is job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is important element of human resource management and it has significant role in impacting the performance of the enterprise.  The Human resource department of these enterprises are always doing surveys on job satisfaction and strive to determine the important factor of job satisfaction and prioritise that. Most the time it is observed that job satisfaction can always be improved by focus and offering the important factor of job satisfaction.

A descriptive research is conducted to measure the job satisfaction level of employees comparatively across 5 selected sectors in Nagpur, Maharashtra. In this research, a survey was carried out to collect the data from 122 respondents. Major factor of job satisfaction that is observed is the promotion in the service sector. And working condition is also important in case of Service sector. Job satisfaction is significantly influenced by the age gender of the respondents. The study is limited to just 9 factors of job satisfaction, many more need to be studied. The way and the outcome of this research may help the expert researcher to further to carry out a detail study with more sample size and most relevant and all inclusive job satisfaction factors. This is one of the few researches in studying the job satisfaction of employees comparatively.    

Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Service Sector Employees, Nagpur, Chi Square Test, Fringe Benefits.