Machine Learning Model for Predicting the Performance Analysis of Cricket Players’

  • S.Ghouhar Taj, T.Bhavana, E.V.Pravallika, P.Saileswar Reddy, G.Swarnalatha


Selecting the players for any game or sport plays key role. Cricket is one of such game where players selection plays a main role on a team’s victory. The players performance was influenced by contradictory group, the pitch, team conformation etc. Eleven players are selected for the game from a group of 20 players. These players are selected by the cricket board members. These eleven team members are selected based on previous statistics and characteristics. Batsman promotes by scoring a possible of extreme runs and bowler promotes by taking extreme wickets and yielding base runs. Selection of team members based on their performance along with rating and differentiating the good and poor player’s. Selection is also depending on the prognosis of players in accordance with the pitch they are playing. This thesis attempts to performance prognosis of players depending on the pitch they are playing. 

 Keywords: Players ranking; Pitch based score; Batting average; Bowling average.